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How many times have you tried to find help on websites or apps that only “list” the businesses in the matching category, even if they are not available to provide service for weeks. You may need someone ASAP, to come and fix a plumbing issue, or a bad furnace, but all you hear is that no one is available to come for the next few days or weeks.
Usually, the more urgent your need is, the longer the wait time appears to be. Most of these websites and apps also ask you to provide a tedious description of what service you are looking for, only to find that you have to provide that same description all over again, when you get connected with someone on the phone.

Virtual Tutoring

Tutors From Around The World, In Multiple Languages. Learn Mathematics, Biology, Coding Or Web Design.


We offer
house cleaning, laundry and much more


Your Mover’s Location Between Pick-Up and Drop-Off. safe and easy

Safe & Easy Payments

We offer services on-demand or whenever it’s convenient for you. You can initiate service request with a Provider based on customer ratings, hourly rate, availability, etc. Once the Provider accepts your request, instantly connect with the Provider via live chat or book an appointment instantly. For virtual tutoring services, you can schedule and join video conference sessions right from our app.

Imagine Simple

Using the ¨nibu¨ app is simple – and free. Once you download it from the App Store, you can add in your personalized profile and be ready to find all the service support you need. We built this app to make your life easier!

COVID-19 shut the whole world down, including ¨nibu¨ and just like many other small businesses, we thought we may not be able to survive the pandemic. But the love from our customers and our service providers made us stronger and helped us think how we can best support our global community!

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